A Fun Surprise…

We have been so tired and so extremely worn out.  When Randy went out to start chores this evening this is what he found:

Three baby Buff/Rhode Island Red crosses.  We took her pile of eggs and put in the separate cage Randy set up for her, and she was able to hatch out one more chick for a total of four.  It added to our chores, but we were so excited.  Our buffs have really struggled this summer in the heat.  The are free-range and can go wherever they please, but are still struggling to find a place cool enough to survive.  If these are hens they will make nice replacements for the ones we have lost.

Then for fun and even more cuteness.  Here are 3 of our 10 kitties.



Our big mama, Roxy, and no she is not expecting and gets offended if you ask!

And not a kitty or a kitty lover, but just as cute as he can be…Koal.

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