Weekend cooking…

I made this cake over the weekend.

Not going to win any nutrition competitions with it, but it was a fun treat.  I even used processed foods from a box….a big no-no in our home.  Sometimes you just gotta live a little.

We also had jalapenos and banana peppers stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon on the grill as a snack while we were swimming.

I also made PW’s chicken fried steak with brown rice cooked in chicken stock, asparagus, and brussel sprouts.  It was de-lish!

I really do love spending time in the kitchen, trying new recipes, and listening to music.

The cake was certainly not gluten free, but it really is my intentions to get back to gluten free eating and possibly even attempt the GAPS diet again.  Randy and I did really well on it this winter, but an unplanned trip and eating on the road through us way off GAPS legal food.  I’m not sure I can convince Randy to endure the introduction diet again.  Maybe once it cools off squash will be on the grocery store shelves and broth will sound like a warm, yummy treat.  Untill then it will be gluten free, minimal sugar, and no processed foods (HFCS, msg, nitrates, etc.).

We have started a fun workout routine in the mornings.  At 4:00 “we”  (I use the term “we” loosely here, Randy has a hard time rolling out of bed on yoga day) alternate yoga with a work outs.  Our workouts consist of running, weights, and crunches for me.  Randy’s workout is crunches, push-ups, and weights.  We do feel better…if we can just stick with it.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

1 thought on “Weekend cooking…”

  1. This is Donnie’s fav cake!! We call it Pig pickin’ cake, and I make it 3 layers…yummy!!


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