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Cooking ahead for lambing season…

I cooked like crazy over the weekend so we would have some casseroles in the freezer for lambing season when time is limited.

I cooked up 3 lbs of deer sausage and 1 lb of ground venison together and 2 whole chickens we raised last fall.  I used this meat to make the following:

2 9×13 pans of lasagna (sort of followed Pioneer Woman’s recipe from her cookbook)

2 9×9 pans of navy bean casserole

1 9×13 pan of cream cheese chicken enchiladas

1 crockpot of chili (some I froze for later use and some I kept to eat over baked potatoes this week)

with probably one whole chicken worth of meat left for the chicken salad I whipped up this morning with hard-boiled bantie eggs.

The beginnings of a stocked freezer.

1 thought on “Cooking ahead for lambing season…”

  1. Loved your blog!! When our kids were young, we had a cow for milk, raised her steers for meat…and had a big garden. We also had ducks and chickens and dogs and cats, of course. Will look forward to reading your blogs again! Aunt Judy

    ps….Uncle Jerry’s brother lives near Hutchinson…but we don’t get our there anymore. He and his wife have just moved into a retirement home.


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