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A little bit of warm weather…

I started working outside a little bit with our first stretch of nice weather.

The chickens have a hay day with mulch and dirt around our home.  This is my strawberry bed.  You can see the coffee filters surfacing from all the dirt they have kicked off to the side of the box.  I managed to get it cleaned up and dirt/manure added back to the strawberry bed in hopes of salvaging what is left.

The guilty party.

So usually I blame the chickens for messing up all the mulch around our farm.



I’m wrong…

That would be Chance.  I had just gotten all the mulch raked back around our elderberry bushes when he came flying by and tunneled right through all the newly piled mulch.  He was too cute to scold.

Our new adventure.

These are Romanov cross bottle lambs from Dad’s farm.  They will be raised on a bucket of milk replacer (you can see the bucket hanging in their building) and supplemented with a bottle as needed.

1 thought on “A little bit of warm weather…”

  1. Yipee!! I was so excited when I got on here and saw new stuff!! 🙂 LOVED the pic of Chance!! Made me giggle!!! SO proud of you and Randy for knocking out that debt! We’ve taken the Dave Ramsey course, and it is for sure the way to go, and it works…IF you DO IT!! 🙂 Thanks for the bedrest reading! Love ya!!


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