Growing Like Weeds…



He’s are playful little cutie.

His motor is always rumbling.

Bandit is our sweetheart.  He is always at your feet tugging on your pant leg with his front paws.

Roxie is our tubby girl.  She has a crush on Cooter and is constantly at the food bowl trying to keep up with him.

Murphy was the first kitten we brought home.  He likes to be loved on, but doesn’t like to be held.

One board on our pool deck is warped allowing them entrance under the deck.  This is where Pudgy found himself for two days when he refused to come out when we locked everyone up.  Foxie is in the blackberry brambles looking startled, and Pudgy and Max are taking off toward the road.  Max got in trouble for getting in the road on more than one occasion.

Stewart is headed under.  Yeah I see you!

And the man of the cat house……


He’s such a photogenic little kittie.

He just loves having his picture taken.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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