Around the Homestead

Wheat harvest and rain…

Well we did it.  We finally turned our a/c on.  With the weather forecasting 3 days in a row of triple digits and a predicted heat index of 106 we caved.  Those $60 electric bills are out the window from here on out.

I was sick Friday, but still managed to last all afternoon and night in the wheat field while they cut wheat.  Friday night and all day Saturday (it rained all day, so no wheat harvest going on) I felt terrible.  I (self-prescribed) echinacea, vitamin c, and truck loads of garlic.  By Sunday I felt well enough to hop on mom and dad’s 4-wheeler and mow a portion of the pasture.  Randy was on their zero-turn and mowed our east pasture and the south ¼ of the north pasture we use for our sheep.

I am now VERY sunburned, but feeling better than I did Friday and Saturday. 

Now it’s back to another week of work.  I had a Sunday evening of dreading going back to work.  I haven’t had one of those in awhile.  It is such an awful feeling.  My job really isn’t that bad.  I would just rather be home.

I forgot my camera at home, so will post harvest pictures another time.  We should be back in the field today.

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