Around the Homestead

Storms and No Power…

We had storms with high winds last night. Our power flickered off and on throughout the evening and eventually went off for good some time in the night.  Luckily, we have a weather radio Randy’s Dad and Brenda bought for us that has an alarm on it so we still made it to work on time.

The forecast from here on out is hot and dry with highs in the 100s.  Wheat harvest will be just around the corner with temperatures like that.  I’m going to do a little experiment this year.  I am going to fill a 2 quart jars with wheat and use two different preservation methods and see what works best.  Hopefully by next harvest we will have invested in a grain mill and can swipe a couple buckets of wheat from Dad to grind for bread.  This way I will know what works best and not risk wasting a large quantity of wheat to weavils.  Randy is currently reading Small-Scale Grain Raising so we can use it as a reference this harvest.

I didn’t water last night because there were huge storms coming our way.  Of course, we got more wind than rain so I will be watering heavily tonight (assuming we will have power by then).

Have a great Tuesday!

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