Around the Homestead

January-February update…

Okay, I haven’t posted in a long time.  So sorry.  Things are busy as usual at our home.  We now have a total of eleven bottle lambs acquired from Dad’s farm.  They are babies who were either abandoned by their mom, a triplet, or some other reason.  We have battles sickness (even though they received colostrum) and now have a cute little group of multi-colored ewes and rams.  We also located a fresh seafood (never frozen) shop nearby and stocked up on oysters, mussels, crab cakes, and tuna steaks.  We have also implemented liver, wild game, and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables into our diet.  Our food bill has increased, but our visits to the kinesiologist have decreased. 

I also made a really good smoothie this morning for breakfast:

½ c. kefir

2 T. flax seed oil

2 t. coconut oil

1 handful organic blueberries

1 handful strawberries

1 banana

6 ice cubes

1/8 t. stevia (powder)

Blend and enjoy!

*I put three drops of liquid kelp in mine.

I also purchased some tea from Harney & Sons.  Their Hot Cinnamon Spice is the best.  I also purchased a Valentine’s Day surprise and will hopefully remember to post about it after Valentine’s Day. 

Tonight’s dinner will be liver and onions with mushrooms.  Tomorrow we have our annual eye appointments in the evening, so I have beef stew already made up for a quick dinner once we get home. 

Aviation is a very scary industry to be in right now.  Randy is fortunate to work for a good company who rarely has layoffs.  However, we are still playing it safe, putting back a little extra just incase and will hopefully be restocking our pantry with dried goods soon.  Our supply has gotten really low, so this just needs to be done anyway. 

I promise to try to get pictures of our herd of bottle lambs soon.  We should have 13 more chickens (give or take a rooster or two) start laying in the next month or so.  We have way more demand than supply in the egg department. 

We also hope to get a second coop set up soon to accommodate broilers this spring.  Lambing should be underway come mid-March, so we will have preparations for that as well.  

Spring is already in the air on our homestead.  Friday I planted 2 pecan trees, 6 blueberry bushes, and 3 raspberry vines.  I should have another batch of fruit bushes arriving soon.  Now to keep them watered, mulched, and fertilized properly. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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