Only 10 applications from each agency in 2009…

We were informed by our agency; Nepal will only accept 10 applications from each agency in 2009.  8 families have turned in their dossiers leaving only 2 places for 2009.  We were also informed the chance of us filling one of those places is slim to none. 

This is a little frustrating considering the agency (I feel) has know this for quite some time and withheld the information.  It would have been nice to know before we completed our home study a week ago. 

So, we will not even be able to send our dossier to Nepal until 2010.  Randy and I have gone over our options and have decided to stick it out and see how it goes.  If there are anymore “surprises” we may have to make some changes, but for now we will continue to ride it out.

Wish us luck!

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