We passed…

We passed our home study.  Now we will wait for the official copy of our home study to file our I-600A.

I also faxed in our China Child of Promise paper work.  If a child from China becomes available who fits the minor/correctable needs list we filled out, there is a possibility we will be selected to adopt her before our Nepal adoption is complete.

For the I-600A we need:

1)  A letter to send our confirmation to Kathmandu, Nepal-print with current date

2)  A Check ($670 =$80 each=$830)-write check

3)  Certified Birth Certificates

4)  Certified Marriage Certificate

*A self-addressed, pre-paid mailer and a not requestion certificate return.

6)  Original (signed and notarized) home study

We are waiting for our home study and then we will send off our I-600A.  The wait time is currently listed at 3 months.  So, it will be 3 months before we can send in our dossier.  Hurry up and wait!

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