Medical Exams and Homestudy Checklist…

Our homestudy packet is hopefully on a UPS truck headed to Holt International as I write this.  Long story short our medical paperwork didn’t get completed until yesterday (Monday).  So, I left work early and hurried to pick it up and get it to UPS before 5:00. 

Homestudy Packet:

1.  Personal Data Information (these are long answer questions for the social worker)

2.  Financial Statement

3.  Medical Reports-get results and paperwork Nov. 21

4.  Directions and map to our home

5.  Statement of Insurance

6.  Authorization for Release of Information-Employment Verification release

7.  I600A form

8.  Parents in Process Adoption Preparation Classes-scheduled for Dec. 6-7 (our social worker still has not returned any of my calls, keep your fingers crossed these classes work out for us)

As far as we know the I600A doesn’t have to be completed until our social worker comes for our homestudy.  We still have not gotten verification from her on our PIP classes (Dec. 6-7).  Once our homestudy is complete we will send of our Dossier packet.  It is complete all except for the homestudy and I600A form.

Now we wait on our social worker to schedule our actual homestudy.  We are really hoping it is before Christmas, but that may be asking a little too much.  Considering I can’t get a phone call returned I’m guessing she is extremely busy.

Have a wonderful day!

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