We’re working on it…

Okay, so we didn’t get as much accomplished last night as I would have liked too, but our evenings are just too short.  We are mostly waiting on others to complete forms and mail back to us.  Our physical/health exam will hopefully be the last thing (possibly the I600A).  We hope to wrap up everything on our end over the weekend and get the pictures developed or copied next week.  Below is an updated list of what is complete or where we are at on things:

Dossier To-Do List:

1.  Photos

*6 reflect family life

*1 of us together

*1 of Randy

*1 of Me

*6-8 of the interior and exterior of our home

2.  Passport Photos

3.  Letter of Intent to Adopt

4.  Dossier Family Profile Summary Form

5.  Police Clearances

6.  Marriage Certificate

7.  Birth Certificates of Applicants

8.  Home study

9.  Health Examination

10.  Physical Assessment

11.  Psychological Assessment

12.  Employment Letter-waiting on information

13.  Financial Statement

14.  Taxes (most recent 1040 federal tax form)

15.  Bank Statement-will have to be done immediately before sending of dossier as it has to be current

16.  Copy of CIS Approval, or I171H-need more info from agency/social worker

17.  Photocopies of Passports

18.  Resume

19.  Reference Declarations-mailed yesterday

20.  Post-Adoption Agreement

21.  Guardianship Designation-we will go over this with family this weekend

22.  Guardianship Statement-we will go over this with family this weekend



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