Around the Homestead

Labor Day Weekend-Sunday

Sunday morning we were up bright and early.  The girls (sheep) were anxious to get out to pasture and the dogs were ready to go outside.  I headed out to tend to the chickens and feed them the pork broth leftover from the roast I cooked.  They gobbled it up as fast as it hit the pan.


Bacon (locally grown)

Eggs (homegrown)

Tomatoes (homegrown)

Homemade Bread

After breakfast I picked another 8-10 gallons of tomatoes.  After the tomatoes were picked we headed down to our neighbors to get some cucumbers, jalapenos, and some starts off their passionflower to transplant under a fuel tank (not in use) by the garden.  I didn’t realize the passionflower I got from them last year had actually started to grow.  I thought it had died, so now I just have extra planted just incase.

When we got home Randy worked on our pickup, and I headed inside to do a few things.  I ended up making fresh-squeezed lemonade and dehydrated the peel.  I took a glass outside for him and I so he could take a break in the shade.  Mom was taking advantage of our pool, so we sat on the deck and chatted with her for awhile.

In the evening we go cleaned up and headed to a nearby pond for a cookout with friends.  We had a great time and the weather was beautiful.  We had to leave before dark to do our evening chores, but everyone else was equipped with tents and were in it for the long haul.

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