Around the Homestead

Labor Day-Monday

This was our day to take it easy, kind of.  We took a minute for a cup of hot tea on our front porch.  We were both feeling a little sluggish with cold-like symptoms. 

I went and got my little garden cart and dug up the cactus in my front flower bed.  I want something prettier up there.  Plus, the cats and sometimes the dogs are in that area and don’t know enough to stay out of them.  I spent a lot of time weeding flower beds and preparing for fall, mums, pansies, asters, and pumpkins.  I love fall!


Pulled Pork Sandwiches w/ Sweet Green Tomatoes

Leftover Potatoes (homegrown)

Leftover Zucchini and Yellow Squash (Farmer’s Market)

While Randy brewed beer in the afternoon I made apple crisp from some of the apples I had picked on Friday.  While the oven was going I baked another loaf of bread and a pan of corn bread for dinner.  The house was so hot by the time we were done in there.  We decided to fo for a swim for possibly the last time this summer.  It’s going to cool off so the pool will probably get closed up this week.

Dad brought the tractor down at 4:00pm, so Randy headed out to mow half our pasture while I did the evening chores.  I picked another 8-9 gallons of tomatoes, changed the pool water for the dogs, watered the sheep, and collected eggs.  The chickens are so much happier now that all the roosters are gone.  Hopefully their egg production gets going before it turns off cold and they quit laying.


Yummy Pinto Beans

Corn Bread

Burgers (For Randy only, he couldn’t bare the thought of a meatless meal, even though the beans had real bacon in them.)

We settled down for the evening and Randy watched some football while I read a book, Spirit of the Harvest .

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