Animals, Around the Homestead


That’s how many baby lambs we worked (vaccinated, docked tails, and de-wormed) at Mom and Dad’s Sunday.  I got lucky and got to de-worm them, Dad vaccinated and docked tails, and Mom and Randy were the catchers.  By the end of the day we were all pretty tired.

I made shampoo over the weekend.  As soon as we have used it a couple of times and worked out any kinks I will share the recipe (maybe even do a fun tutorial on it).

This weekend we are putting up electric fencing to split our pasture in half.  Then we will start rebuilding our exterior fencing with goat fencing and eventually have it split into parcels for rotational grazing.  We have been wanting to do this ever since we got into the sheep business, but just hadn’t had the money or the time.  However, our pastures need some extra care, and we would like to at least cut back on our use of de-wormers if not eventually eliminate the use of them all together.

I planted a few more things in the garden yesterday.  It is slowly but surely coming together.  Just waiting on my heirloom plants from Abundant Acres to get here and we will be in full gardening mode.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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