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Supplement Review and baby chicks

Okay, there isn’t much to review in the way of supplements.  We got our Twin Lab CLO Lemon to try in hopes of saving some money and not use the Carlson brand.  No way!  Twin Lab tastes fishy and not good at all.  We will use the Twin Lab because we have it, but then we are switching back to Carlson CLO and fish oil.

Koal has only been on CLO (Twin Lab Unflavored) and Vitamin C powder for one day.  I will post later on what the results are with his allergies/supplements.  If we haven’t seen any improvements by Friday I will load him up and take him to a vet about 70 miles away to get a second opinion. 

Randy has the day off today, and I wish I was home with him.  I want to be home curled up in bed right now.  It’s cold here in Kansas and after this weekend’s events I could use a little extra sleep. 

Randy will be moving these cute little guys into a bigger pen today. 

Just one of the many things on his “to do” list.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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