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Twelve and still going…

My Dad has been going to our house throughout the day to check on the sheep and now to supplement a noon bottle to the 3-4 who need one.  Yesterday he had two ewes deliver single boys to bring our lamb count up to twelve.  Now, single boys aren’t exactly a sheep owner’s dream come true, however, the mamas had the babies by themselves, mamas are fine, babies are fine, mama has plenty of milk, and are good mamas.  As far as we are concerned, it’s perfect!

Does it get any cuter than little baby lambs?

I mentioned before how we have help outside a lot.  Well, we have two more additions to the “helper” list.

Our oh so nosey ram, Cash, has to be in everyone’s business and has a really bad habit of putting his front feet up on panels and gates.  Cute as he can be, but a pain more often than not.

And the other star of the show, Cooter.  He’s been rolling around behind the chicken coop.

What a sweet little guy!

The cats get locked in our pool house during the night and anytime the dogs are in the backyard.  Our little black dog, Koal, is a cold-blooded killer when it comes to the feline family.

Part of the fun is catching the little kitties.  Cooter had been “avoiding” and running from us the whole evening.  He has been caught, handcuffed, and hauled downtown!

It is supposed to be in the low 50s today.  Yippee!  We are so ready for warmer weather here in Kansas.  Hopefully it stays that way.  I have a garden to plant.

We hope to get our peas in the ground and some boysenberry bushes transplanted from my Grandma’s.  I’m also hoping to trim some of my blackberries up a little and try to start some new ones from the cuttings.  Will this work?

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