Animals, Around the Homestead

Over the weekend…

We are up to 10 baby lambs on our little homestead.  We are also up to four bottle lambs which is not a good thing.  Lamb milk replacer has nearly doubled in price since last year, so it could get a little costly.  Although it will be time consuming, we hope to another ewe will lamb soon and have extra milk we can swipe to supplement everyone with.

Starting around noon yesterday the wind picked up and was blowing 30-35 mph with gusts up to 45 mph.  Life on the prairie can be a lot of fun sometimes.  It was nerve-wracking hearing it whip everything around.

Of course I had plenty of help.

Here is a yearling ewe lamb from last year. 

We chose not to grain them heavy and push them to breed in the fall, so they get a whole year and a half to grow before they become mamas.  We are considering keeping Dorpers for fall lambs and Texels for spring lambs.  We just have to get our fences built (and re-built due to heavy ice and limbs crashing down on it) so we have enough pens for everyone.

We had dinner Sunday evening at Mom and Dad’s and Grandma brought down our afghan she crocheted for us out of Hank’s (our llama) wool.  What a great keepsake to have from her.

I also got to try out my new juicer Monday morning.  I juiced and organic cabbage in hopes of taming a ulcer that has resurfaced.

To say cabbage juice is an “acquired” taste is pushing it.  I added a little carrot to help it, but it will take more than a carrot to make cabbage juice palatable.

Hope everyone is having a great week.

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