Easter animals…

My mom owns and operates a small feed store in a town near where we live.  She had a lady come in today who wanted to order one duck for her daughter for Easter.  Mom explained to her that she doesn’t do that and most places won’t sell just one or two especially if they know its Easter related.  She and the lady talked awhile and the lady explained to mom that when the duck/ducks get bigger they just “release” them.  The reason I do not work in the customer service field is because my exact response would have been, “um, hello, genius, what in your brain is telling you this is even remotely a good idea or humane?”  Sadly there are obviously people out there who can take a DOMESTICATED animal, say an adolescent duck for instance, take him out to a pond, by himself, set him on the water, turn around, and walk away thinking, “and Daffy lived happily ever after.”  Ugh!  People still amaze me after 29 years!

On to other news…….

We still have no new babies on our little farm.  Dad stops by periodically to check on them since Randy and I both work.  We have bad weather moving in, so as the front moves through we expect the girls to start up again.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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