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The baby lambs have arrived…

As of this morning we had six baby lambs alive and kicking.  We have two boys and four girls.  Yea!  I’ll take some pictures over the weekend.  Taking pictures of them in lambing pens isn’t very easy.

Randy and I are in a disagreement this morning over Dish Network.  There are few things I find as big of a waste of money as cable/satellite television.  Originally he convinced me it needed to be a part of our lives because he wanted it for football.  Okay, fine.  Well, they have yet to have his team on the channels we are offered, so every year he complains about it.  This year Dish Network moved the NFL package to a higher package and it would cost us another $200/year to get it.  Hello, I’m already freaking out about the $400/year we already throw in the toilet for it.  The TV shows we do watch every once in awhile are all on the local stations and we live too far away to get cable.  I would much rather use the $400/year on entertainment outside the home whether it be concerts, movies, or even buying a season of our favorite television show when it is released on DVD.  Who cares if we are a year behind?

In other news, it was 61 degrees on my way home last night and supposed to drop to 18 in the night.  Whoa!  Gotta love Kansas weather!  All the animals are on lock down today because it is only supposed to get up to 25 degrees today and snow tomorrow.  Randy and I agreed we don’t want the chickens out an about without Hank (our guard llama) out and about to protect them.  We have caught a coyote sneaking up in the daytime, so it’s better safe than sorry.

We are still trying to eat out of our freezer to make room for half a grass-fed beef we are splitting with another couple.  We started off with 25 or more homegrown chickens, half a pig, a deer, catfish, and a lamb.  Not to mention all the things I have frozen along the way (broth, cookies, fruit, etc.).  We aren’t doing too badly.

Last night for dinner we had venison fajitas which turned out really well.  Randy grilled four venison steaks on the grill the night before, so all I had to do was cook up an organic onion and red bell pepper in some olive oil, add the meat to heat through, and wa-lah!  I did have to break down and buy ww tortillas because I didn’t have time to make them Monday.  We also had brown rice with homemade ro-tel and taco seasoning added and topped our fajitas with homemade yogurt and ro-tel salsa.  They were really good!  We will definitely whip this meal up again.

Hope everyone is having a great day.

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