Around the Homestead

And you can see forever…

It is 19 degrees this morning.  Randy and I leave the house between 4:00am-5:00am so it is still dark outside.  This morning I could see the city I worked in 45 miles away, and he could see his 50 miles away.  The air is so crisp and clear (and Kansas is so flat) you can actually see the lights and even some buildings.  Crazy!

We had a coyote come very near our sheep lot in broad daylight Saturday.  Koal started barking when he saw him out the sliding glass door, then Ash chimed in (but I’m not entirely sure she knew why she was barking).  I ran outside to holler at it and to get Randy to check the sheep.  Then I yelled for Hank, our llama, he had his head buried in the hay bale and turned around to look at me with a mouth full like, “hello, I’m eating here what do you want.”  Good guard llama!  I’m sure if there was a threat he would have do something other than eat, but apparently the coyote was outside of his jurisdiction this time. haha


This is the end of the week for me.  Yea!  We are hoping to have one or two guys trucking in hay for us on Saturday.  We don’t really use massive amounts of hay to constitute “trucking hay in,” but my Dad goes through it with all of his (500+/-) sheep.  I will feel a lot better with the assurance of our hay setting behind our house safe and sound and knowing we have enough feed to get our little woolies through the winter.  We have a protein tub out for them right now, but have to pull it and rotate it around from pen to pen because a couple of the girl literally live with their head buried in it.  One of our yearling ewes actually rubbed her little chin raw from eating it.  So the little oinkers are having their protein tub rationed.  They have free choice hay (and we were surprised at the quality of the bale once it was opened up, so it’s not like they are starving.  They just have the winter blues and eat out of boredom like I do : )


Again I will have a couple of posts today, so sit tight!  Have a great day!

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