A New Menu Plan…

Here is my plan for mealtime at our house.  Randy and I made up a list of two weeks worth of meals we really like and don’t think we will get tired of for awhile.  I went shopping with my mom and stocked up on all the ingredients I will need to make the meals so we can rotate this two week menu a few times before changing it up and going again with a new menu.  I hope we can rotate through this menu at least three times before we are ready for a change and before we run out of supplies.  We will use what we have on hand and only what we have on hand, except for our weekly trip to the dairy for raw milk.  Here is the menu:

Monday:  Chicken Tetrazzini

*this makes two batches, so you can freeze one for the next time around

Tuesday:  Taco Soup with Cornbread

*again, plenty of soup to freeze for next time

Wednesday:  Tuna or Chicken Casserole with Homemade Whole Wheat Bread

Thursday:  Lentil Soup (from N.T.) with Homemade Bologna or Roasted Chicken Sandwiches

Friday:  Bierocks with leftover soup or veggies

Saturday:  Homemade Pizza

Sunday:  Roasted Chicken with a veggies and Homemade Whole Wheat Bread or Rosemary Breadsticks Twists

**After dinner I will remove the meat and throw the bones into the crockpot to cook over night for broth.  The chicken will be frozen for future meals.

Monday:  Lasagna with Garlic Bread

Tuesday:  Navy Bean Casserole with Homemade Whole Wheat Bread

Wednesday:  Hamburger Stroganoff with veggies and Homemade Whole Wheat Bread

Thursday:  Sloppy Joes and Homemade Macaroni and Cheese

Friday:  Mexican Night

Saturday:  Grill-from the freezer (Hamburgers, Venison Steaks, etc.)

Sunday:  From the Freezer-Pork Roast, Lamb Roast, etc. with a side of Broccoli Soup

We are going to try alternating our breakfast with Steel-Cut Oats (soaked in kerfir) and Oatmeal now that it is cold here in Kansas.  I also want to start sprinkling flax seeds on our oatmeal (and brewer’s yeast and flax on mine).  I’m working on an adrenal/thyroid issue diagnosed by my kinesiologist, so I’m incorporating brewer’s yeast and kelp into my diet instead of the expensive meds he offered.  I want to be healthy, but I have to stick to some sort of budget also.  The flax seed and flax seed oil is an attempt to balance our omega 3s with our omega 6s to prevent dry skin and dandruff which always seems to be a winter problem.  Our omega 6s tend to outway our omega 3s which causes dry skin conditions among other things.  See Here!  That is why grass-fed beef, chicken, pork, wild game, and free-range chickens are so much healthier for you than the feed-lot variety.  They are proven to have higher levels of Omega-3s from all the green leafy vegetables they eat.  It’s a little more expensive to eat healthy, but if you add up the money spent in the doctor’s office caused by an unhealthy diet, I think you will see you are actually saving money in the long run by eating healthy.

I used to do kefir smoothies for breakfast, but it’s a little too chilly for those this time of year.  On the weekends I do a bigger breakfast (pancakes, eggs, sausage, etc.), but during the week when we are working it has to be quick and easy (but still nutritious).

Speaking of breakfast and eggs, look what Randy found in our chicken coop last night.  We have one adolescent hen, so I’m not sure if this was her first attempt at egg-laying or what happened here.  I didn’t crack it open, sometimes I think it’s safer to just deem an odd egg inedible and not see what’s inside of it.  LOL

Our lunches are always leftovers, even on the weekends.  Sometimes, as unhealthy as it is, we are so busy working outside we miss lunch and just do the big breakfast and an early dinner.

We’ll see how the rotating menu works, but it’s so nice to just know what we are eating every night.

Have a great day!

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