In The Kitchen

Salsa Recipe (NT)

The Ingredients:

4 Medium Tomatoes (I used Roma Tomatoes)

2 Small Onions

3/4 cup Chili, chopped (I used 1 Habanero)

6-8 Cloves of Garlic (optional)

1 bunch Cilantro, chopped

1 t. Dried Oregano

Juice of Two Lemons

1 T. Sea Salt

4 T. Liquid from previous ferment

1/4 cup Filtered Water

The tomatoes  have already been skinned.  To do this dip them in a pan of hot water for a minute or two.  Then move them to an ice bath and the skin will peel right off.  I used a few extra tomatoes because the Romas are a little smaller than a regular tomato.  I also used one Habenero pepper in place of the chili pepper.  These are hot, so use sparingly unless you can take the heat.

Juice Lemons

I used the food processor for EVERYTHING, even the tomatoes.  This resulted in a restaurant-style salsa, and it’s quick and easy.

Let your salsa set on the counter for 2 days before moving to cold storage.  I cut the garlic some and it is still pretty strong in the garlic department, however, garlic is good for you so we can deal with it.  This salsa is great and so much better than the store bought stuff.


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