Around the Homestead

Oh how plans change…

Okay, I’m really going to try to get my act together here and start posting more regularly, maybe not daily but at least regularly.

Our tractor never materialized as they couldn’t get the hydraulic oil leaks stopped.  They have since sold the tractor to someone who apparently didn’t care it was gushing oil everywhere.  However, we have yet to receive a refund for the tractor.  “Checks in the mail,” or so they say.  I love business!

We also didn’t get to adopt the two kittens from the Humane Society in my hometown.  The “foster” parents decided they wanted to keep them.  I could go on all day on this one, but the low points are; the humane society was paying for a newspaper ad to advertise these little kittens and paying for their food and medical needs and the couple didn’t feel guilty at all about taking the handouts, but the minute someone showed an interest they decided to keep them for themselves.  Ugh!  We tried to adopt a different cat a few weeks before these kittens and the same thing happened, different town and people, but same scenario.

We have really worked ourselves to death here lately.  We are ready for cool/cold weather so we have an excuse to snuggle up and take it easy.  I’ve tried to persuade my husband to move our tv to a different area of the house so we can hang a quilt and cut down our heating area.  Apparently it will involve running cable for the (stupid) dish and amount to a lot of work.  So, I may not get my way.  Propane is already high and supposed to go higher, so I was brainstorming ways to cut back this winter.  Back to the drawing board I guess :  )

Oh, I have gone part-time at work.  So I now have time to cook more from scratch, experiment with a few new ideas, and take better care of our homestead.  I made butter (yum), I’m in the process of rounding up ingredients to make bar soap, and have lots of what we like to call “puppy time” at our house. 

Have a great week!

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