Around the Homestead

Dad went to the doctor…


…and didn’t get a good report.  His ankle is not healing well.  Arthritis and tendonitis have set in his ankle and there is nothing they can do for it, and he is possibly having an allergic reaction to the metal used for his two pins and plate.  So, they are going to try to reduce the pain in his ankle with medication and see if the appearance of an allergic reaction goes away.  He will possibly have another sugery to replace the two pins and plate used in the first surgery if it doesn’t go away. 

Hopefully he can schedule the second surgery after lambing season.  I don’t think Randy, Mom, and I have it in us to go through all of it again.  Not to mention Dad having to go through it all again and the financial strain of losing lambs because no one is there to assist them.

Please pray it isn’t an allergic reaction and his pain subsides soon.  We will continue to pitch in and help to prepare for him to be down again in hopes we can make the second time around go a little smoother than the first.

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