Sell, sell, sell…

My mom is selling lots of tomatoes at her store (about 10-20 pounds/day).  My wonderful husband sold two bushel (106 pounds) of tomatoes to a lady he works with.  Yea!  A guy even came into Mom’s store, bought 10 pounds of tomatoes, and headed to a restaurant in town he likes to have lunch and told the owner he needed to buy his tomatoes from me.  The owner was actually interested, so I’m considering taking some by to give to him to sample.  Our neighbor is also a cook at the high school in town and said her boss would love to buy tomatoes from me.  I just need to set up a time to meet with her to show them to her, discuss pricing, and the quantity I could provide and for how long.  Our neighbor actually does the salad bar at the school and believes they use about 5 pounds/day or 25 pounds/week at the high school alone.  There are still two grade schools and another high school I could supply to in this same school district.  Now this kind of income doesn’t come close to what I make at my current job.  However, I would not be driving 90 miles/day and have to pay for fuel, would not need as nice of a car as a result, and would have more time to concentrate on being more resourceful with the money we do make.  Our sheep would receive more attention, our garden would receive more attention, and our home as a whole would receive more attention.  Our time together would be spent relaxing, talking to each other, and enjoying our time at home as opposed to rushing around every evening to get the garden, chickens, herbs, sheep, dogs, cat, and pool all tended to before sitting down to supper at 8:00 pm.  For today, our attempt to send myself home to work is looking promising.  My dh and I have a goal of spring 2008 when our ewes begin lambing.  We are making progress and will hopefully continue to see positive returns from all our hard work.  We are healthier from the changes we have made in our lifestyle, and hope to continue to make improvements throughout our lives.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!

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