Around the Homestead

Family Time…


We had a great weekend!  We had family in from the Carolinas (two aunts and two cousins).  My aunt and cousin from SC made a huge Mexican dinner Saturday night.  We had spent the day swimming at our house then headed to Grandma’s where the girls had dinner waiting.  It was fabulous!  Sunday, we all attended church and met at Grandma’s again for dinner.  My cousin and uncle grilled hamburgers, hotdogs, and brats.  Yum!  Dh and I had to leave early to get back home.  The President of the Texel Sheep Breeders Society was on his way out to interview us for the website and newsletter.  The sheep and Hank (the llama) were on their best behavior.  My aunt also gave me a knitting lesson on Sunday.  I have already been taught to knit by my MIL, however, I needed a refresher course.  I think I might just have the hang of it now.

Last night was pizza at my uncles in town.  It’s everyone’s last night here, so we had a good time relaxing on their back deck.  It was a beautiful evening outside.  I just love being with my family!  I’ll try to post some pics soon.  I used my film camera, so hopefully the girls email me some I can post.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week.

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