Animals, In The Kitchen

New Addition and Menu…


We have a solo baby chick right now on our farm.  We hope to have more hatch in the future, but this little guy/girl will be on it’s own for awhile.  Is it not the cutest thing you have ever seen?  It’s 2 days old here: 

Here are some of our not-so-baby-anymore lambs:


They were under the impression I was coming to let them out.  Too cute!

Our menu for the week is an easy one.  Too tired to do a lot of cooking, and I have a very large Avon order coming in this week to check in, invoice, and deliver.  Here it is just for fun:

Tueday:  Sloppy Joes w/ Grilled Potatoes & Onions

Wednesday:  Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

Thursday:  Taco Soup (leftovers from the freezer) and Cornbread (my Avon order comes in this night, so I don’t have time for a lot of cooking)

Friday:  Roasted Chicken and Rosemary Breadsticks  **Hopefully I get home in time to get the chicken in the oven.  This is Avon delivery day!

We have a wedding this weekend.  It’s about 60 miles (one-way) from our home, so it will consume most of our Saturday.  Other than that we will be home working and enjoying being home.

Have a great Wednesday!


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