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We vacuumed our dog…

Not normal, I know.  However, we have a Australian Cattledog (Blue Heeler) who blows her fur twice a year.  Meaning, her furs falls out in clumps for about 2-4 weeks 2 times a year.  Love it!  So, my dh held her while me and my Kenmore went to work on her.  She wasn’t happy about the situation, but she eventually processed it in her pea brain as quality time with her dad and gave in.  I really think it helped.  Koal (our rescued mutt) doesn’t get this aggressive treatment.  He is a timid dog and vacuuming him would only cause him to shed more fur due to stress (he’s our special child).  I vacuumed the room the event took place, closed the door, and hung an imaginary “No Dogs Allowed” sign on the door.  Every room in the house needs vacuumed and given a sign, so eventually the dogs will have nowhere to go.~Smile

PETA will probably be knocking down our door this evening!  ~Eye roll

Question, does anyone use Watkins products or have any opinions on them?  I want Pure Vanilla and a few other things, and they came up in my search.  Also, is Mountain Rose Herbs a good place to buy coconut oil?  We love, love, love it in our kefir smoothies!

Our Kefir Smoothie Recipe:

2 cups Kefir

1 Banana

1-2 c. frozen fruit (we have used mulberries, currants, strawberries, and soon will be trying boysenberries)

Approximately 6 ice cubes

1/4 t. Stevia

1 T. Virgin Coconut Oil

Blend and enjoy!

Have a great Wednesday!

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