Around the Homestead

Sheep Shearing…

Our weekend (literally the whole thing) was spent at my Dad’s shearing sheep.  We started at 9:00 am Saturday and didn’t finish until 2:00 pm Sunday.  It’s done, yea!  Everyone is wormed, sheared, and in their proper place.  Dad’s fence around his new pasture is almost done, and it is now to the point where he can do most of the work to finish it up.  It may be a couple of days because now he has come down with some sinus junk and is laid up in bed sick. 

When dh heard Dad wasn’t feeling well he said, “well that could have just as easily been me if you didn’t feed me all the good food.”  Aah, he does appreciate our lifestyle change.  We have both noticed our lack of sickness much to our enjoyment.  The two of us used to always be sick with sinus infections and colds.  Taking our diet back to a more natural state seems to be working.

Sunday afternoon we did manage to get started on the pool.  We had to replace the filter and some other parts.  They sent us the wrong filter (and the store is 100+ miles away round trip) and the other part they sold us was missing all the washers/seals.  So our pool did not get opened over the weekend like we had planned. 

My dh and I decided after a full weekend of shearing and not getting anything done at our house we would take Monday off.  We got so much accomplished in just one day.  Our new fence is up for our ram so he got to go out to pasture, we replaced some fencing in our lots, got a bunch of tin and t-posts picked up out of the pasture, mowed, and ran  the weed eater.  I made ice cream, cottage cheese, and bread.  I made kefir, but something went wrong and it was pretty much repulsive.  I’m going to Dollar General today to buy an old cake pan so the chickens can feast on all my failed attempts.  They will appreciate them.  My kefir grains should be in the mail coming my way today, so hopefully they will be better than the powder I have been using.

A friend of our neighbor’s called last night to see if Randy wanted to start carpooling to work.  At $3.20-something a gallon how can you say no, right?  I know it’s an inconvenience for him, but hopefully it will save us enough to get ahead and won’t have to be a permanent thing.

This will be a short work week for me, so hopefully I can hang in there.  It was so nice being home yesterday.

Have a great Tuesday!

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