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Finally…A Girl

We finally had a little girl lamb after having four boys.  Woohoo!  She’s a twin, so that is even better.  They are growing like weeds.  Our first little lamb kicks his little back legs around and tosses his head.  Just like his daddy!  Toby (our ram) has some butting issues we are trying to work through.  Water in the face is not one of his favorites. ~Smile.  Me picking myself off the ground is not one of my favorites, so water in the face it is.

We are still having a struggle with Dad’s ewes.  There are just so many of them to try to keep an eye on.  We are still very much amateurs and really have no business tending to a 400+ and growing sheep flock.  His doctor’s appointment was yesterday.  He can start applying pressure on his ankle and start walking in two weeks.  Now I realize we will still be in charge of chores and the grunt work, but he can be out there to call the shots which will be a HUGE relief for Mom, Randy, and I.

My dh has had to do some incredible things this week with lambing season upon us.  He even missed a day of work and saved one of our ewes.  He possibly saved a ewe last night with lambing complications, and I just can’t say enough about how he has stepped up for my parents and for the two of us.  I’m so very proud of him.

It’s supposed to get really cold here in Kansas, possibly even snow.  So, I will go to Mid-States (where we buy our sheep supplies) to get raincoats for the newborn lambs.  Our sheep and dd’s will be let out to pasture over the weekend, so lamb slings are on the list also.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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