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Too wet and cold for baby lambs…

I haven’t blogged for awhile.  We’ve lost some baby lambs at Dad’s and are kind of bumming.  We were in the teens and twenties, so it was not a good weekend for the little ones.  For anyone with baby lambs or even goats for that matter.  They have little disposable, clear plastic, raincoats for babies.  I honestly think they are the reason we didn’t lose more babies than we did (raincoats and good mamas).  The mamas would lay on the north side of their babies to block the wind.  Wow!  It’s just amazing to watch animals interact with themselves or their babies.  How people can convince themselves they are just dumb creatures with no feelings or thoughts I will never know. 

We were so excited Saturday with the arrival of our first baby lamb.  A boy, Dorper/Texel cross, and the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life.  We weighed him last night (at two days old) he weighed a whopping14 pounds.  Then we had another baby last night (Texel boy) who weighed 10 lbs at birth.  However, he had a baby sister who didn’t make it.  Mama is having a slow recovery, so we will worry ourselves sick over her until she is back to normal.  She is our little buddy, so my dh and I are having a hard time with her being down.

I finally have pictures!

Our little (first born) Texel/Dorper baby boy.

Our little (second born) Texel baby boy.

I just love them!  When everything else fails I just look at them (or the 10 bottle babies at my parent’s house), think about how much they rely on us to care for them, and it give me the strength to go another day.

Dad goes to the doctor tomorrow to see if he can start putting weight on his ankle.  Just him being out in the lots for short spans of time calling the shots would be a blessing.

Have a great week! 

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