Food, Self-Sufficiency

Egg season…

With 12 Rhode Islands, 25 Buffs, and 14 Banties we have plenty of eggs on our farm.

The eggs are beautiful and so much more nutritious than the “eggs” you get at the grocery store.  Not to mention the quality of life our chickens have compared to the life of a factory laying hen.  Find a source for farm-raised, free-range eggs.  You will be amazed how easy it is to locate eggs near you and how wonderful they taste.

Food, Self-Sufficiency

Deer in the Freezer…

A friend of Randy’s hunts every year, but his family doesn’t like venison.  So, guess what!  We get it.  Our neighbor processes it and all we have to do is pay him for processing.  Yea!  We will have more meat to add to our dwindling supply in the freezer.  We also just got our pork from Mom and Dad’s freezer.  They were storing it until we got more room in our’s.  So, we will have plenty of meat to get to get us through the winter and summer.  We hope to raise broilers in the spring so we will have plenty of chicken also.

Hope you all are staying warm!