Around the Homestead

Homestead Update…

Aspen with an Araucana-Barred Rock cross we hatched in the spring and her pet hen, Arial
Our newest baby Jersey, Heidi
Willie Nelson
Wolfgang, our newest stray to trap, neuter, and tame
Steve, Dad’s Scottish Highland bull we are borrowing
My bestie, 1112

We have a lot of things going on around our homestead. Besides being in an incredible drought and an intense heatwave, we are also expanding our farm endeavors.

We are currently on a waiting list for a starter flock of registered Finn sheep. We are halter breaking our Jersey heifer, Tina, who will be for sale once she calves in the spring. We will soon have Scottish Highland-Hereford crosses growing on our farm. Rachel, Aspen’s Savanna goat, went to mom and dad’s to be bred to a really nice Savanna.

The Araucana-Barred Rock chicks we hatched in the spring just began laying. So we now get about a dozen eggs a day. The girls, Randy, and my dad processed the roosters together, so they aren’t terrorizing our hens anymore.

Last but not least….


We just bought a registered male llama, Dante, and are in the process of buying females so we can begin breeding guard llamas. We have wanted to do this for a long time and everything just kind of fell into place for us to make this happen. He is adjusting really well, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for our llama herd.

The girls and I have a pretty good routine to manage all of our chores. Randy is good to do the bigger projects as needed, fencing, hay, hauling feed bags from point A to point B. Our barn is full of hay, our bins our full of grain, and we are ready to begin another season on our farm. We are so excited to see what the future of our farm and family holds.

1 thought on “Homestead Update…”

  1. Sheesh! Y’all are busy busy! Love getting to kind of keep up with you all through you sharing what’s happening! Miss you guys tons!


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