Around the Homestead

Camping in the yard

It is probably the last cool evening for us for awhile so we decided to camp with the girls. They were a bit nervous about leaving the house, so in the yard the tent went.

The girls helped Randy put up the tent while I gathered all the food, bug spray, and necessities.

Our front yard view
Our backyard view

A quick change in the house into pajamas and two sweaty little girls were ready to wind down for the evening.

And one little dog on her first camping trip

Very seldom is it green enough around the 4th to safely do sparklers. We had some leftover from last 4th of July the girls finally got to use.

They had so much fun running around the yard in their pajamas with the sparklers.

One last trip around the yard for Laila’s bathroom break, and we all crawled into the tent for a cool spring night of sleep. We had so much fun and the weather was just perfect for sleeping in a tent. We will definitely do it again in the fall when it cools back down again.

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