Around the Homestead

Spring is here…sort of…

The tulips are blooming, and we’ve broke out the tote of summer clothes.

The cats enjoy this time of year. We are outside more which means more attention for them.

They just get sweeter with age.

And with spring comes unpredictable weather and days when you just need to stay in your pajamas and do fun things inside.

Also with drastic weather changes comes sick animals. Willie Nelson spent a few days inside after a trip to the vet for an viral infection.

There are also days where a walk is in order.
Even when the wind is relentless.

Spring here has meant, trying to get the garden in shape, shearing sheep, shearing llamas, trimming hooves, doctoring sick cats, washing copious amounts of eggs, loving on an aging dog, and having our story time on the front porch snuggled up with a few cats.

Rescuing animals is not for the faint of heart. It is a lot of work and a lot of expense, but in the end they pay us back with loyalty and love. Spring is just a busy time preparing the animals for summer and helping them through their ailments as they adjust to the season change.

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