Around the Homestead

What We are Reading

Reading is important to our family not only for entertainment, but also for learning. I would not be able to homestead and care for the animals we have if I didn’t have the books to help me along the way. I wouldn’t be able to bake from scratch, ferment food, preserve food, etc. if not for all the wonderful books to teach me along the way.

I have tried, and not always successfully, to not only instill a love of reading in our children, but also the importance of being able to teach yourself using books.

I tend to read multiple books at one time so I can have them strategically placed throughout the house to pick up easily wherever I land.

Bible-The Book of Acts

Devotional: Quiet Times for Parents-H. Norman Wright

The Little Boy Down the Road-Doug Phillips

Mitten Strings for God-Katrina Kenison

How to Live Without Electricity and Like it-Anita Evangelista

Heidi-Johanna Spyri

Aspen is reading:

Heidi-Johanna Spyri

While reading is a struggle for Aspen, not that she isn’t a great reader, just that she doesn’t enjoy it. Heidi has proved no different. I am hoping to order some books, that I feel are a bit below her reading level, but at this point any volunteer reading would be great and she loves these stories.

Canyon is reading:

The Little House series-Currently Farmer Boy-Laura Ingalls Wilder

She loves to read and will almost always be curled up with a book of some sort. Her vocabulary and spelling reflect her love of reading.

Read Aloud:

We are reading through the New Testament, currently the book of Mark.

The Coral Island-R. M. Ballantyne

Just finished up:

Me and Nobbles-Amy LeFeuvre

These Lamplighter books are the absolute best. I highly recommend them for character building and entertainment. The girls love them!

We have been members of Read Aloud Revival in the past and it is wonderful. The girls have loved nearly all her recommendations. So picture books are still a big part of our daily reading.

That is it for now. Hopefully in a week or two this list will change.

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