Around the Homestead

Aspen’s 8th Birthday

We decided to forgo gifts from us this year for the girls and in exchange they chose what we did and where we at that day. Aspen chose a hands-on children’s museum and Beyond Burgers from a restaurant some friends of our’s own. Mom went with us, so it was a fun girl’s day out!

Canyon & Aspen

For her birthday party we always just have mom, dad, and my brother over for lunch, gifts, and of course dessert. We let them choose the meal and dessert. She chose tacos and chocolate cake.

Canyon, Aspen, and Mom
Aspen & Canyon

I think she enjoyed her birthday even without tangible gifts from us. We hoped this would make memories as opposed to more clutter. It seemed to work and she was not disappointed in anyway.

We love you Aspen!

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