Around the Homestead

State Fair Time

We love going to the State Fair. It is a big deal for our family. It kind of time stamps the beginning of the fall season, my favorite month September, and is just something our family really enjoys. We love the smell (yes the smell). It’s a little bit greasy fried food a little bit manure. We love the noise of the rides, the people working the games hollering at you as you walk by, and the hum of all the people walking and talking.

The night before going we did henna tattoos and had the best of intentions of crimping the girls hair and doing a fun hairstyle, but they ended up sleeping in WAY too late for that. Once our chores were done, our breakfast was eaten, and our bags and cooler of cold drinks and snacks were all packed, we were off! We had an hour drive, but the car was buzzing with excitement. Our schedule doesn’t allow a lot of time away from the farm for the most part, so on the rare occasions we are able to get away we try to make the most of it.

We don’t necessarily do all the rides, but we have a select few we always try to do. We love to see all the animals, but always have a sadness in the back of our minds as we worry about their future. We love the artwork inside the buildings. And of course, every year we make our way to the building where the butter sculpture is located. This year was amazing!

There aren’t a lot of food options for us, but the number of plant-based foods is growing. The offered Veggie Jaffles, Veggie Pitas, and of course the french fry. Our girls love to go to this spot where we can all sit at a table eat some fresh cut fries and have a mini can of tomato juice. The game was on, so it was super loud, but still fun.

We went back to the fair a second time to take the girls to their first concert. We figured an outdoor concert would be the best for their little ears and there just isn’t a bad seat at the grandstand even for them. We saw Zach Williams and Francesca Battistelli and had a great time. We love Zach Williams music and Francesca was so funny and cute, pregnant with baby number five. It was a much later night than we are used to, but everyone made it okay.

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