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The new Us…

A lot has changed since I’ve posted last. We are now a family of four with two little girls adopted from China and are in the process of bringing our next blessing home. We still have a truckload of animals, but they are not for eating, selling, or profiting from in any way. They are just living out their lives on our farm and receiving what we feel like is the best care around.

I am going to try to post regularly (whatever that means). I have the best intentions of posting once a week even if it is just some photos, a recipe, or an essential oil blend we are loving. I hope to use this blog to share what our family is experiencing day-to-day, specifically in the area of adoption, animal husbandry, and a life that is more “simple” than most. Anyone who has tried growing their own food, preserving their own food, making their own beauty and cleaning products, etc. knows hows “simple” this can be.

I will do my best to post recipes and ideas that have worked for us in hopes they inspire and are helpful to you.

Mostly we just feel super blessed by everything that God has given us in life. We don’t deserve this incredible life we get to experience everyday . Sharing our life is just one way we have chosen to show our gratitude. Hope you enjoy seeing the new life we have created and following us along the way.

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