Wood Cook Stove Construction…

Isn’t the wood inside this wall pretty.

We hated to cover it up, but the show must go on.

Insulation board

Bearded Randy applying the thinset between layers.

Randy mixing the thinset in the house before he realized it was coating our entire house with a layer of grey dust.

Concrete board…not-so-fun to haul around.

Our instructor…Craig, my brother, showing us the ropes.

It is amazing what an awesome teacher he is.  He is so patient.

Me in my smoking hot construction gear.  I was a tiling machine…jogging suit and slippers.  Cute, right?

Randy looks dressed a little more appropriate for the assignment.

Wouldn’t be our house if there wasn’t a dog helping…inparticular a cute little blue heeler.

I apparently sprung for the velor black pants, a sweatshirt, and slippers for day 2 of tiling.

At least I’m not in the same clothes as the day before, eh hem.

These decorative tile will hopefully fall right above the top shelf of the stove.

The tile is up and ready for grout.  Craig was so good to come do the grout for us.  We were left in charge of wiping it down a thousand times until all the grout was off the tile.

Fortunately, we live in a little country neighborhood with the most helpful people you will ever find.  One friend drove out from town with a friend of his and our neighbor came over early-ish on a Sunday morning.  We thought with the moving straps this would be enough guys, but fortunately our two other neighbors saw the struggle, stopped, and offered to help.

Five guys were able to manuver this beauty into our house and onto the tile after being stored away for over six months in our garage.

We still have to get the chimney installed and eventually we hope to hook it to our hot water system for hot water in the winter, but for now we are just excited to finally have it inside.

Some think it is cool.  Some think it is the most ridiculous thing they have ever heard.  We just tell them we want to be less dependent.  Sometimes it gets their wheels turning.  Sometimes they have their minds made up that it is absurd.  Either way, we are excited and undeterred.

1 thought on “Wood Cook Stove Construction…”

  1. It looks beautiful!!! Y’all did a great Job!! I can’t imagine who would be the nay sayers. Hee hee 🙂


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