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Trenching for our new well…

We have been battling the need for a new well for a couple of years now.  We had it airlifted two years ago which bought us some time, but in the end we knew we were going to have to bite the bullet and put in an all new well.

Randy hand dug a good portion of the trenches to locate electrical, water, and sewer lines.

For a week solid he spent his evenings digging.

And digging.

Of course while he was digging I was doing our chores and cooking dinner.  Didn’t want you all to think I was parked inside catching up on Dancing with the Stars or something.

Then it was time to pull out the big guns, and we rented a trencher.

Then came guidance, eh hem.

This is what our yard looked like after the trencher had done its thing.  Sort of reminds you of Money Pit, huh?

**And honestly one month later our yard still looks a lot like this…I digress.

This little run in the bottom left corner is where we pulled up the landscape timbers that were lining our driveway.  They had seen better days and had to go.

We did have a chicken and Ruby fall into the trenches.


Once all the lines were laid, Dad came in with the tractor to cover the majority of the trenches.

There were still some areas he couldn’t get to which we had to fill in by hand, but the tractor helped tremendously.

Now we have high pressure water and two new hydrants in addition to the two we already had.  It is so nice to water from a hydrant or a hose and not have to carry 5-gallon buckets here, there, and everywhere.

 It does make me think about how readily we can have access to water where so many around the world have none and have to walk mile and miles to access only what they can carry back with them.  Even with the ease in which we can access water, we still try to be cautious of its use and not take advantage of it.  We also pray for those who struggle everyday to find good, clean water for themselves and their families.  Without clean water life cannot carry on so we must take care of this resource we are so blessed to have at our fingertips.


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