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2012 Lambing Season…

Our 2012 lambing season isn’t quite over, but we have put a big dent in it and have been so very please with the results.  I will let the pictures and a short description do the rest.

Texel Romanov Ram Lamb

Romanov Texel Ewe Lamb

Texel Twins

Texel Ewe with Romanov Texel Lamb

Texel Romanov Ewe Lamb

Romanov Dorper Lamb

 Randy and Big Texel Ram Lamb

And there you have a big chunk of our lambing season in pictures.  We loved crossing the Romanov Rams with our Texel and Dorper ewes and our Texel Rams with our Romanov ews.  We will have Texel Romanov crosses for sale the first part of July if anyone is interested in ewe lambs or a ram lamb.  We will also have older recorded Texel ewes for sale.

Hope everyone is enjoying an early spring!

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