Oops She Did it Again…

After Crooked Neck had her last batch of babies, triplets, and it nearly ended her little life…Dad decided he wasn’t going to breed her again.  Well, boys are boys and Romanovs are fertile little sheep which leads us up to today.

You can barely see the little guy since it was starting to get dark.  She had a bouncing baby boy…3/4 Romanov.

It was pouring down rain in the night, but when mom and dad found her she have him tucked up underneath her.  She was standing over him trying to keep him as dry as she could.  She is such a good mama!  She is truly amazing!

They are both just as cute as they can be and both mama and baby are doing great!

CN is a miracle…this is her fourth or fifth time laming.  Her stats include two sets of twins, one set of triplets and one or two singles.  Most said she’d never live…”a day”…”a week”…”until next year”…”she’ll certainly never survive lambing.”  We’ve heard it all haven’t we CN.  At yet she has another notch on her belt and beautiful little guy she protects with a mama’s passion.

Here’s to every living creature out there who isn’t quite “perfect” in the eyes of man…remember we are all “perfect” in the eyes of God.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

1 thought on “Oops She Did it Again…”

  1. What a joyous story! and what a fantastic mum CN is:) You must be so proud of her what an amazing life she has had thanks to you!
    Reminds me of a ewe I operated on to remove a hernia and she went on to become a mum as well..
    Wish CN all the best!


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