Animals, Around the Homestead

Hank’s sick…

A sick llama….

Randy had the day off and called me on my way home, “I think Hank is sick.  He’s lying in the back of the building, moaning, and rolling a lot.  When I got home I could see Hank didn’t feel well.  He wouldn’t take a treat when he nearly crushes baby lambs to get to on a normal day.  His ears were down, his back was hunched, his eyes were glassy, and he was lying in the back of the building rolling from side to side moaning.  My heart sunk…I had no idea what to do.

I called mom to have her bring home de-wormer for him.  It is spring.  We were set to de-worm everyone this weekend, but Hank needed it immediately to eliminate parasites as the problem (and so we felt like we had done something to cure him). 

I ran to mom and dad’s to get the de-wormer.  Mom and Dad suggested getting him up and getting him walking.  We were afraid he had gotten too much corn and alfalfa out of the sheep feeders since we are feeding it to them to keep their milk production up.  So I called Randy to hunt down Hank’s halter and lead so we could walk him as soon as I got home. 

We got him geared up fairly easily, the de-wormer administered, and Hank and I spent the evening walking up and down the road and through the yard.  I just chatted to him while he walked along beside me.  I could not believe how well he walked on a lead.  It has been so long since we have walked him, and yet he did it like we walk him every day.  He nibbled grass here and there, but the minute I clicked my tongue and told him to come on he was right back beside me.  I was just amazed!

He looked 100% better when I finally put him back in the lot with the sheep…I think lambing season has just been too much for him.  This morning I caught a glimpse of him as I was getting in the car and hollered at him.  He looked over at me and looked perfectly healthy.  Not sure what his problem was, but as long as he is better we are happy.



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