Lambing Going Well So Far…

Our lambing season is going really well.  I have had to assist a few here and there, but really not a lot.  Tuesday evening we had a Texel ewe in labor and struggling.  We decided she had went long enough with no progress and decided to intervene.  Lucky we did because the little guy turned out to be not so little.  At one day old when we got the scales out he checked in at 15 lbs.  No idea why this little guy got so big.  We aren’t overfeeding and haven’t had a problem with large lambs.  Mama and baby are doing fine.

Since we are breeding up to registered Texels from Texel/Dorper crosses we will be selling lots of recorded, percentage (50-75%) ewes and two registered Texels rams off our farm this year.  The perfect starter flock for someone wishing to do the same.  These ewes are 1-3 year olds that have done a wonderful job for us, but as we keep back our higher percertage ewes we have to sell some of the lower percentage ewes. 

Randy is off work today and in hopes of burning off our pasture.  The rain finally let up for a day, but the wind is back with 15-25 mph.  Gotta love living in the middle of the Great Plains.  The wind is something you just never really get used to.

Have a wonderful day!

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