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Flowers and Bad Little Kitties…

The flowers are in full bloom around our farm. 

We have more butterflies, bees, and dragonflies than I have ever seen.

Probably due to more fruit and flowers than our farm has ever seen.

Passionflower…we got starts of this plant from our neighbor.  We planted it under an old gas tank out by our wildflowers and sunflowers.  It is an aggressive vine that can easily take over if not controlled.


These sunflowers are out near our wildflowers.  They are 6-12 feet tall and just beautiful.  There are so many genetically modified seeds out there (thank you Monsanto) affecting a plant’s ability to drop seeds that will germinate the following year.  We decided to buy organic seeds in hopes that some seeds would make it back  into the ground and come up again next summer.

Here is our naughty little cat, Pudgy.  He’s looking toward the cat door where he is supposed to be headed so we can lock him up for the night.

“Eh, I’m not ready to go in yet!”

Pudgy was a tame sweet kitten when we first brought him home.  As he got older he got wild.  We can pick him up if we catch him at the food bowl, but you better hold on tight.

When all the other cats are locked up for the night, Pudgy likes to lounge on this chair and refuses to go into the pool house where they are locked up safe and sound.  Every so often he pushes us to the limit and gets locked out for the night.  He then has to resort to sleeping under the pool deck.  The following evenings he tends to be the first one in the pool house….remembering vividly his night out in the “wild.”

Have a great day!

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