Bolognese Sauce…

For dinner last night I tried a new recipe…Pastor Ryan’s Bolognese Sauce from Pioneer Woman.  It was really good and made a huge pot of sauce.  I served it over gluten-free spaghetti with a side of beets. 

I roasted the beets in our solar oven on Sunday and put them in the fridge until last night.  Then I diced them into bite-sized pieces and sauted them in butter in a skillet.  Randy and I aren’t huge fans of beets, but we are trying to incorporate different, healthy foods into our diet and beets fall in that category.  Tonight it is swiss chard!

We are slowly but surely getting back on track with our eating.  I have more time in the evenings for cooking.  There’s a farmer’s market across the street from where I work for easy access to fresh veggies.  I also have been frequenting Cheeseslave who inspires me to eat better.

Something fun to try for a refreshing summer drink…Take a glass of filtered water and add a lemon wedge and a slice or two of cucumber.  Trust me it’s good and cleanses the kidneys.

We are also back to drinking kefir smoothies and with fresh peaches on our tree I hope to try peach kefir smoothies soon.  I’m also ordering popsicle molds to pour them in and freeze for an ice cold treat.

Have a great day!

1 thought on “Bolognese Sauce…”

  1. Never have had it. Not a big fan of beets either. Have a wonderful day! 🙂


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