Kitties enjoying the warmer weather…

Things are finally starting to warm up outside.  The cats spend the majority of their time lounging, but we have seem many a mice meet there maker as a result of these little bundles of fluff.

Our Buddha kitty, Bo.

Is he not the cutest thing ever!

Something got ahold of Cooter awhile back.

But he is now free of drain tubes, and his hair is starting to grow back.

Sleeping on the cool concrete on the front porch.

Stewart and Bandit.

Stewart, orange kitty on the left) actually caught a nearly full grown rabbit over the weekend.  It was awful.  I tried to chase him down to get him to drop it, but he’s a quick little dude.  Needless to say he bolted under the pool deck, and I covered my ears and ran into the house so I didn’t have to hear it screaming.  It was so sad.

And last but not least is Roxie, our chubby little girl whom we honestly believe has never caught a mouse and probably never will.  She much prefers a non-moving food dish and some cool concrete in the shade.

Not the most productive group of  cats, but they do mouse.  We’ve seen them with tons of mice, a mole, and a rabbit so we know it’s possible for “most” of them.

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