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Local Beef, Whole Wheat Bread, Farmer’s Market, and Walking…

We filled our freezers to the brim with half a beef this past weekend.  We now have 340 lbs of beef to dine on.  We know where the steer was born, how and where it was raised, and know the butcher personally.  Even though we didn’t raise the meat ourselves and had to pay for it…it is still more satisfying and rewarding knowing what we are eating and knowing it is good for us.

I’m also changing up my Whole Wheat Bread back to my original recipe.  I had changed recipes so I wouldn’t have to use whole wheat bread flour.  It was just one less thing to buy and one less thing to store.  I already bought the whole wheat bread flour for this go around, but I may try it with all whole wheat flour and see how it turns out. 

Our farmer’s market opens this Saturday.  Woo hoo!!  It’s right across the street from where I work and open on Wednesdays.  New potatoes and a gallon of local/raw honey are at the top of my list!

I have also started walking on my breaks and lunches.  Last week I walked 7 miles, but this week I have only walked 1 mile so far.  I have had errands to run on my breaks and have been working through lunches to make up time for a doctor’s appointment.  It has been really stormy here, so I probably couldn’t have done a lot of walking this week anyway.  Hopefully I can get back on track soon.

The rain is nice so I haven’t had to water or run our soaker hoses.  We are just praying it doesn’t do anything severe.  Those storms in Oklahoma were so bad and it is so sad there for those people.  We lay awake at night during storms worrying about hail and Dad’s sheep without a building now.  Hopefully this storm season passes without any more losses.

Also by request, I plan to try out this recipe for Pumpernickel Bread in the next few days.  Will let you know how it turns out.

Hope everyone has a good day!

1 thought on “Local Beef, Whole Wheat Bread, Farmer’s Market, and Walking…”

  1. Everything sounds delicious and congrats on all the walking. We pray that you don’t have any severe weather, but we do know that you need the rain.


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